Business Breakfast annual event: our latest updates

Today marks the day of our annual Business Breakfast event. Each quarter, we love welcoming all of our valued Patrons and Supporters across the North West and giving an update on the amazing difference their support makes to the club. However, the coronavirus pandemic has meant that it’s vital to limit social contact and avoid gatherings especially in the Bolton Area. While we know this is extremely disappointing for all of our fundraising events being cancelled this year, we would like to give everyone an update on how you are still making a huge difference to the lives of young people.

Starting with our Targeted Youth Services team, they have been extremely busy working around the clock and making sure our young people have the right support at the right time. The mental health of young people continues to be at the forefront of the work we do. Furthermore, we have been working with CAMHS and Odd Arts on an exciting trailblazing project using the iThrive Framework. Funds have been secured through the iThrive funding from GM to create a proof of concept model, that helps teenagers with the mental health through a creative arts project. The project is being used as a test, to use innovative ways to improve mental health using the arts.

The Fundraising Team have been focusing on our current Patrons and we have also gained a new Platinum Patron and upgraded a Patron from Bronze to Platinum. Two Patrons have also committed to doing some workplace Fundraising for us this week. Our Youth Club team have operated well with the new local restrictions and being reactive and flexible in these unprecedented times, we are also starting to re-open our Westhoughton centre from Monday 21st September.

Junior club at Spa road continues with a targeted programme and seniors is starting to see young people access for specific group work and our range of funded projects.  The quality of delivery is great and allows much more support and opportunities for our members and also staff development.  Starting from the 21st of September, the detached youth work sessions will double with the team having additional staff allowing us to increase our reach across Bolton and engage more young people. It’s great that our centres can remain open and the response from parents has been great that they see us a safe place for their child to attend and provides that much needed engagement for our most vulnerable members.

Overall, our main focus is supporting our young people and making sure they are safe and supported throughout these challenging times. A massive thank you to all our amazing Patrons and Supporters, we simply couldn’t do any of this without all of your generosity and strength of being able to support us.

We hope to see you all again very soon! #TeamBLGC