Our new brand…the story

Enriching Lives, Empowering Futures

Welcome to the exciting new chapter in the story of our brand and BLGC

As you may have noticed, we recently have undergone a transformation with a fresh new look, branding, and website.

Since Bolton Lads and Girls Club, now BLGC was founded in 1889, the charity has undergone significant evolution, and we wanted to showcase that transformation and story through our new brand.

And so, a new logo was born, representing a beacon that shines brightly across the town of Bolton and the surrounding area. A light of hope radiating positive energy and enthusiasm, offering the promise of a warm welcome to everyone, always… and of course, continuing to enrich young lives. A symbol that BLGC is always evolving, so our charity can continue to be agile and adapt to serve the needs of our Children, Young People and Families.

But to us this brand is more than just a symbol – it captures the DNA of who we are. Our new logo reflecting the commitment and passion of our team to do everything we can to help children and young people to feel fulfilled, happy, and achieve the most out of life, with a bright and positive design that radiates warmth and energy.

We also hope our fresh new look will attract new and engaged supporters who will join us on our mission to change young lives in Bolton for the better.

Thank you for being a part of our story, past, present, and future. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of children and young people and create a brighter and more positive tomorrow.

Welcome to the new era of our brand and our charity, let’s make it shine brighter than ever before


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