Being creative and making art can be great way to improve our mental health and emotional wellbeing.


The pure act of creating something can help us escape from the pressures of daily life and allow us to focus our energy on a positive and therapeutic activity. Creating art can be a mindful practice in itself. Being in the moment and losing yourself in creative activities like painting, drawing or sculpting can help reduce anxious feelings.

Not only can making art help us to destress by being in the moment, but it can also help us to express how we are feeling. Sometimes it’s hard to talk about things that are troubling us and some people find it easier to express their feelings in a different way. Using different colours, textures and forms can be an effective way to express different emotions.

Plus making art is FUN and that’s something we’re all about at BLGC!


Here’s a selection of young people’s artwork that have been created at BLGC with our Art Worker Ruby.

With thanks to Manchester Art Gallery, the Granada Foundation and The Arts Society for helping us to learn more about art and wellbeing and for supporting the project.


If you want to experiment with being creative and boosting your wellbeing, here’s a few ideas to try:

Sound Drawing

Sound drawing… Sit, close your eyes, listen to the music, make marks to the music like the pencil is dancing.

Wellbeing Postcards

Think of a positive word that describes you. What is one of your strengths? What is something that you would like to develop in yourself? Represent that word in colour, texture, line, shape.

Paint your emotions

What colour are you feeling today? Use that as a starting point to create a piece of abstract art